Monday, December 19, 2011

Back to electric bike

Drove to CoCo's Variety and rolled out on the L.A. River Bikepath.  It had been a few days since I had taken the bike out and when powered up, it still showed a full charge.  Made the first steep incline with no problem and rode silently under power.  It was no problem to maintain 20mph on the flat but that speed was too fast for me to pedal. I will change the gears up front to 52-42 like road bikes have instead of the smaller cogs on the Fuji folder. That should make it so that I can pedal comfortably at 20 or even faster.  The bike ran well all the way up the bikepath to Victory Blvd. where I entered Griffith Park.  Making a right onto the Park road, I rode past Travel Town and over the hill beyond.  Then down past the golf courses and all the way to the pony ride area near Los Feliz and Riverside.  The slowest speed was 10mph at the crest of the long climb above Travel Town, fastest was coming down same hill at 32mph.  All told, I'd say it was a good test and returning to my truck, the battery still had something left.
     I'll try to be more scientific in the future.  When I first built the bike I didn't have a cycle computer to put on it but it sports one now so I can start logging miles and do a proper test.  Pictures will come was in the shop for repair.

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