Monday, June 20, 2011

go one trikes!

Man, are these things cool!  Also spendy, so you probably won't see Uncle Ronnie in one of them anytime soon.  Certainly would be a better World if cities were criss-crossed by protected lanes for these tiny cars, as well as regular bikes.  On the Go One homepage there are several videos, including a POV of Dutch bikepath riding...that's what we need more of here.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Long week finally ends

   The past week, my time has not been my own.  Had a garden project from Hell all day wednesday thursday was the usual clean up the golf course deal...although I managed to mess up Brother Jim's game for a birthday present.  He usually breaks 40 at the old Altadena 9,  but this time, I dragged him down to my level!  There were an 8 and a 9 on his card, but he rallied while I faltered on the last hole and victory evaded me again.  Good fun!
   The rest of the week was tied up in external responsibilities of one or another time for Uncle Ronnie's Bike Shop at all.  Chef Johnnie B wants to go fishin' next week...that's a "retired guy activity", isnt' it?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1960 Raleigh Sport

First time out with new wheels...GREAT!

Beautiful Long Beach Day

That Nexus is three bills alone!

Just the right seat for this bike

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Very nice bicycles

The old bikes that i have been fixing and polishing have morphed into some very special bikes that, for the moment, i'm hanging on to.  Here are some images:
This is a fairly new Giant "Great Journey".
  A Japanese Market long distance touring 24 spd with front suspension.
  I am thrilled to have this beautiful machine.

Trek 730
this bike is a combination of parts i had laying around and a
recycled frame and some new parts from CoCo's.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Old Schwinns

 these bikes are all 45-50 yrs old....they are all good riding machines...the Raleigh has new wheels and brakes, and a nice Brooks saddle....rode it 36 miles on the LA River Ride last Sunday.  The pair of Collegiates were Dave Busse's parents' bikes back in Missouri.  Dave and I parked our sat trucks next to each other many times at news scenes and you cannot find a more interesting and pleasant companion at break time.   He knew I fiddled with bicycles and he offered me a shot at them when his garage got too small.  I trust they went to appreciative new owners through my friends at CoCo's.

more pix

Schwinn Collegiate Ladies 3 spd

Schwinn Collegiate 5 spd

Busse's Dad's bike

Dave Busse's Mom's Schwinn Collegiate

Avocational Environment

This is where Uncle Ronnie does his bike thing

'64 Schwinn Traveler

Bike pix

1960 Raleigh Sports (new running gear)
posted these yesterday but i guess i didn't save correctly.