Sunday, October 28, 2012

On the Island

It's september now and I finally made it up north.   Friend Artie passed away unexpectedly and I made a point of going to pay my respects, so my departure was delayed a few days.  Before then it had been the stuff in Claremont that had been the most trouble...I think we now have a good long term tenant.

NBC pals Dennis, Sumo, Eric and Dave.

Friend and colleague Artie Williams died Scuba diving on his 60th birthday.

Big turnout for a great guy.

A tiny 3horse push mower is sufficient to clean up the smaller property.

I have kept these two machines going for many years now.
The bug is just about yard art at this point, but the 760 wants to
get back on the road.

I do the larger piece with a rental mower.

If it's dry enough, I can do the big parcel in a day.

It's all grass and trees.  Ten acres.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 No blogging all Summer long!
Time to catch up.

                     It was too long since my last trip to Orcas.
                   Old buddy, Jim Large, joined me for the trip.

 Jim Large on Tyler Island Levee Road.

Jim, Ceci, me and Steve
Stopped to visit friends in the Sacto Delta.  They have sweet little farm.


Ferry ride was the usual gas.

Had a lot of tall grass to deal with
right from the beginning...the various
garden tools woke up and performed
up to par.