Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Painting project update

Fought against getting involved in this deal and have managed to forestall it until a few weeks ago.  Then, when it could no longer be avoided,  we started with a week-end of painting walls and ceilings(professionally done).  Then we started on the trim...we will be on the trim for several more WEEKS!

Our place has 5 pocket doors

Can you tell that the wood is under at least 5 coats?

Monday, February 27, 2012

more bike stuff

can you tell this is even a bike?
burning man bike in for flat dig the sissy bar.
Dropped in on saturday to see this cool bike in for repair...tried to sell her a bike for her guy.
the red schwinn...he's 6'6

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bike stuff

Have been following the progress at friend, Peter's store for several years.  Went by a few times, lately and every time, things are better in some way.  There are some very choice bikes there right now.  I must also give props for the new unit:

I wasn't there to look at old trucks, but this thing is very cool.  Look for it representing the bike shop at the next CicLAvia!
                             There have been some lovely bikes out front.

Altadena GC Update

Rolled up on the old golf course this am and found what looked like a zombie film..."Out of the Mist They Came".  :

   Before 7:30am, golfers could see less than 100 yds.   These friends were on #6 when I caught up with them at about 9am.  "used wedges off the #1 tee!"   You can see here that visibility was only about 180 yds.  at this hour,  Made sure that those out there knew what direction balls would be coming from.